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Wait, what? FMLA/ADA cases that make you say, hmmmm?

October 13, 2021 12:00 pm EST Free Webinar

As the caselaw reveals, employer reactions and responses to FMLA and ADA requests are often fraught with difficulty – especially in the age of COVID-19. We will review 2021 FMLA and ADA cases that teach us how to handle certain situations, including how not to react. We also will share cases that make us ponder why certain ex-employees thought their claims had merit. At the close, we will highlight several best practices that can assist employers in avoiding costly litigation or settlements.

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  • Jeffrey S. Shoskin Profile Image
    Jeffrey S. Shoskin


    Cincinnati, OH

  • Jennifer L Bame Profile Image
    Jennifer L Bame

    Managing Associate

    Louisville, KY

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